Breast Implant Profiles

Style 45

Extra high profile text style 45 Allergan silicone implants. The extra high profile, Style 45 Allergen silicone implants are the fullest and roundest implants available on the market today. These implants are quite narrow based, but have the greatest AP projection for a silicone implant. These implants may reduce visibility and rippling in patients who have thin walls or minimal amounts of breast tissue. Ectomorphic women with minimal amounts of breast tissue have increased visibility and rippling, especially along the medial breast as well as the outer lateral breast. The extra high profile gel implants are very round implants. They are narrow based and they are not for everyone. They are, however, useful for women who desire increased fullness on the upper pole of the breast as well as increased projection and the narrowest base. The extra high profile silicone implants give a much more tapered appearance, have less visibility and rippling and greatly enhance upper pole fullness and AP projection.

Style 20

High profile, style 20, silicone gel implants. The high profile implants have a slightly wider base than the style 45, extra high profile. I have used these implants for several years with excellent results. These implants also are somewhat narrow and tapered along the inframammary fold and have increased upper pole fullness. These are very useful implants in women who and thin-walled and have narrow-based inframammary folds. These also have reduced visibility and rippling as the rounder an implant becomes, by physics, the less rippling or visibility that would be notable.

Style 15

Moderate plus, style 15, silicone Allergan gel implants. These implants are the mid-range implants that have a moderate width and have a moderate amount of AP projection. These implants fit between the flattest or moderate profile and the style 20, high profile gels. These implants are useful for women who desire to have a natural-appearing breast with less upper pole fullness than a style 20 or style 45. These are also excellent implants in women who are ectomorphic or thin body build, in that they are not too wide and do not create the matronly appearance that can be seen with the moderate style 10 gel implants.

Style 10

Moderate style 10 silicone implants. These implants give a more flattened appearance to the breasts. Certainly, they are the most natural in appearance. They are also the widest and have the least amount of anterior/posterior projection. I rarely use these implants in my practice in 2011. I feel that these are too wide and too flat and give women a matronly appearance rather than a full and narrowed appearance that most of my patients desire. The moderate profile implants were used mostly in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Over the last five to ten years, the moderate plus and high profile gels have become more preferable, in my opinion. Patients who present for revision surgery often have had these moderate profile implants placed 10 to 20 years ago and have the implants replaced with either moderate plus or high profile silicone gel implants.

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